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Sometimes it seems that everything is already lost. The planet is dying... being socially responsible towards your employees, your stakeholders, the society, is overrated (or so people would have you believe)... And these two aspects always seem diametrically opposed to performance and profitability! Sustainable leadership is when leaders manage companies with environmental and societal development goals in mind. ... It’s all about leading in a way that benefits societies and the environment, while (and that’s crucial!) maintaining financial performance. Because we believe in being sustainable, responsible, and making money, we wanted to highlight leaders who (like ourselves) work everyday to make it happen, and, more importantly, to put the record straight... Talking about sustainability should not be as depressing as we sometimes see it in the media. It is an occasion for change, an opportunity for innovation at the three pillars: people, planet & profit. Sustainability! What else?

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Friday Jun 18, 2021

Why did we produce this podcast?
Who are we?
All the answers are in that episode.
website: https://www.science-by-trianon.com

Saturday Jun 19, 2021

Sophie Boulanger is the CEO and founder of OKUN, a service company that helps employers improve their corporate culture through various team building & self-development activities.
We asked her about her views on why the well-being of employees is so important on various levels.
Here is what she had to say about social sustainability.
Website: https://www.okun.be/

Sunday Jun 27, 2021

Founder of Entelligence bv, an academic business incubator aimed at university scholars and researchers looking to turn their inventions into spin-offs, Ruben Brave is a Dutch internet pioneer.
We asked him about the obstacles faced by entrepreneurs coming from various backgrounds, the importance of D&I,...
Listen to his insights.
For more information, click on the this link:

Sunday Jul 04, 2021

Vivian Acquah is an inclusive workplace wellness advocate. She advises companies and managers on issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and workplace wellness.We talked to her about her career, the various approaches companies take to tackle the question of DEI, and other things.
For more info:https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivianacquah/

Saturday Jul 10, 2021

Khady Gaye started out as a translator before she changed and went into Human Resource Management. Nowadays, she is Global HR leader at United Airlines at their in the USA.
We spoke to her inter alia about the impact of Covid on corporate social sustainability. The impact on the airline industry, the home-office, employee well-being, and DEI,...
For more info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/khadygaye/

Sunday Jul 18, 2021

Nicolas Delebois has been teaching, practising, and advocating for Responsible Management even before the term was coined. We asked him about the historical background, his personal experiences in the field and his outlook on the future.
For more information, follow these links:

Thursday Jul 22, 2021

Ilse Noppen is an executive coach, both for individuals and for corporations. We talked to her about leadership and self-leadership, her career, and the differences in (work)culture between different countries and the changes brought by Covid.
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Friday Aug 27, 2021

Briana Ashley Stuart is an American dance artist, a performer, teacher choreographer, and entrepreneur who uses dance to improve the corporate culture of companies.

Sunday Sep 05, 2021

Diane Noyes is Mrs. Beans. With her company Cool Beans Foods she produces a range of tasty, ready-made, bean-based foods. We talked to her about various vegetarian foods, the sustainability of packaging, and idealism vs. pragmatism.
 For more information:

Monday Sep 13, 2021

From radio synthesis to pilot plant work, factory troubleshooting to new molecule discovery and latterly process research.
He has more than 10 patents and a number of publications.
We asked him about Sustainable Development and Greenwashing, Sustainable Chemistry in particular and the role of science in society in general.

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